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Conservation Camp Scholarship Program


The purpose of the program is to encourage children to think about the natural world from different perspectives, and foster a stewardship ethic that will secure the future for Maine's environment that they can be proud of.

Each year as many schools as our scholarship funds allow, are solicited for participation in an essay contest to determine the recipients of a one-week scholarship to Camp Tanglewood in Camden Hills State Park.  The theme of the essay is the importance of State Parks and Public Lands to other entities in nature.  The students are asked to take on the perspective of another entity in nature such as a tree, rock, mammal, bird, insect, etc and write about their adopted view point.

Park Plaque Program


One of our goals has been to honor the dedicated park managers at Maine State Parks by erecting at each park a plaque which shows the managers from the first appointed steward to the present manager.  So far we have accomplished half of our goal with several more plaques to be placed this spring. 

Park Day Pass Program


Each year Friends of Maine State Parks purchases State Park day use passes and distributes them to appropriate local agencies for dispersal to families that would otherwise not be able to visit our state parks.

This year Friends has increased the amount allocated for this project by 25%.  This will mean 5 more towns will enter the program.